Tuesday, 5 April 2011

A spring block

It's sad to have bloggers block when you've only just started.

Still, every cloud (and all that optimistic sort of stuff)........... means I have been taking my camera out and about in an effort to improve my digital age skills.

And so here is some evidence that spring has arrived (even if it is cold, wet, windy and grey today). It's been here for a week or two and will be here again hopefully tomorrow or the day after.  I'm getting so good at this optimism business.

When I step off the bus for my walk home this is the garden I see

I think it is so beautiful, it lifts my spirits.

All the following are flowers I see on the walk from the bus to the start of my road.  Don't know what this flower is though

I have always loved forget-me-nots

I think these might be pansies - but I could be wrong

are these pansies?? or are they violets??  Such a pretty colour

Some sort of primrose type of flower

and then we get to my road and all there is are straight lines or clumps of red and yellow tulips - boring ........... reminds me of Austria - - when I was in Austria I took a day trip over the Dolomites into Italy - I was so relived not see any more wooden chalet type houses with red geraniums in  window boxes.  When I came back I had to take a trip to Salzberg for much cake to get over the depression of leaving Italy.  I love Italy, it's not neat and tidy. 

I might not have lovely floral displays in my road but  later in the evening I get the most beautiful sunsets from my window

There are more photos but it has taken me nearly two hours just to load these from the camera and get them on to this.  I started before Miami CSI and now it's halfway through Holby!!!!

Proud of self for  learning how to do it , by myself,  but I really think there must be an easier and quicker way.  I need to approach a technology minded friend I think.

Well, thing to do next is work on removing the 'block'.

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