Saturday, 30 April 2011

Beware the morning lie in...........

If I were to say to you

open curtains...morning lie in...window cleaner...

it would be pretty self explanatory wouldn't it.

It wouldn't be necessary to say I decided to have a nice long, luxurious lay-in this morning.  And I wouldn't need to add that because it was a lovely, bright, sunny morning I opened one half of my curtains so that I could feel the warmth of the sun on my face as I cosied up in my bed. 

I might need to mention that I was getting a bit cross trying to ignore lots of banging and thumping outside.

But I probably won't need to say that when the top of a ladder suddenly banged itself against my windowsill, at the open curtain side, I realised what all the banging had been.

I would need to tell you I leaped out of bed to dash across to close the curtains but as I heard the footsteps coming up the ladder I realised that  a) I wasn't even wearing Chanel No. 5 and b) I would never have got there in time, so...................

I dived under the duvet, just in time, and hoped he would think I hadn't made the bed.

Unfortunately not all of me disappeared under the duvet.

My abundance of curly hair was spread all over the pillow. 

So unless he thinks I wear a wig which I keep in an unmade bed - he knew I was hiding under the duvet.

Did I mention my window cleaner is drop dead gorgeous.  No, really, drop dead gorgeous.  CCV has met him; she concurs.  And young (younger than me - much younger than me).  My window cleaner is the stuff fantasies are made of - and now he knows what I look like almost hiding under a duvet.............

I might have to move. 

But then who would clean my new windows...........

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