Wednesday, 6 April 2011

bloggs away

I have been embracing the world of blogging with such great enthusiasm that  I think I have become addicted or at the very least have a new obsession.  I have found so many wonderful blogs, many of them with really beautiful photos attached and almost all of them relating to food (my most  favourite being  Joy the baker).  And I think this is a large part of the bloggers block I am experiencing.  There are so many good blogs out there, how can I compete.  But then is it a competition?  Probably not but one does like to be able to measure up you know.

Also, because until last November I didn't know what a blog was, I have  been reading lots of advice on how to write one.  Lots of advice.  The result of which is quite some confusion as to how to proceed.  Some say - have a theme (yay, got that - food and unemployment), some say - have a direction (not my best feature, I do tend to be a directionally challenged person), some say - give helpful information and be of service, some say - be yourself, some say - talk as though you are addressing an unknown audience, some say - talk as though you are talking to your sister (not a good idea, the last time I talked to my sister she threatened to cut up my skirts  and I told her I would slap her very hard if she did, yes we are both adults).

Although, just looking through the blogs I can see they are all quite different. Among my favourites my friend  Mrs Pao writes about her creative life, her cats and Mr Pao. I don't have cats or a Mr (at the moment that is  - I am so embracing optimism) but I do make cards!!!.  Crazy Aunt Purl writes about her life, which is funny, sad, inspiring, interesting and at times traumatic but it is very personal.  Make it do is about an American family fallen on hard times who are trying to get by and passing on their tips on how they are managing (I am going to clean my windows with vinegar from now on).

Everyone seems to do it differently.  I quite like what pioneer woman said which  was essentially let it be what it will, so I suppose the best thing to do is to carry on and see how it goes, let it be organic and see what occurs in my little land of blogging.    Although having said that pioneer woman was the one with the sister idea, she also takes wonderful photos,  invents great recipes, appears on television,  has published her recipes and a work of fiction and she home schools her children - I think I had better delete her from my favourites, just thinking about her is making me feel inadequate. 

So I shall continue to blog, practise my writing skills, improve my photography, hopefully make lots of new online friends and who knows what will come out of it all - it's all a bit scary going with the flow!!


  1. Thanks for your message, if you ever come to Cambridge, we'd be happy to teach you to punt!

    Narrowboat Lucky Duck

  2. Thanks for your kind offer, might just take you up on that when I get to that one on my list.