Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Hearing voices

I like voices. Voices attract me.   I always notice voices and although I might not recognise someone I've previously met or may forget a name I never forget a voice. Of course I might not always  be able to  put a name to the voice or recognise the face it is coming from but I will know I have met the voice before.  So it is quite interesting that in my quest for a new life voices have come into the equation.

Because not only have I been considering my career options but so have my family, friends and relations -  which  is very kind of them.  Ignoring (in the nicest possible way) those suggestions leading along the path of finance one suggestion in particular has caught my imagination.  LP thinks I have a nice voice and suggested I could become another Sally traffic.  This is a lovely thought on her part but unfortunately I am rubbish at reading aloud - I wonder if it is something you can learn though?  If so a fortune can be made doing voice overs for commercials - hmmm is this my future calling I wonder?  Must make enquiries.

 Although other people have said the same thing over the years (the nice voice - not Sally traffic - that's a new one)  it's not something I can see, or rather hear, myself.  Whilst working at 'that place' I ran a self-massage and relaxation course on a couple of staff development days one year.  The irony of my running  relaxation sessions and then becoming so incredibly stressed myself has not escaped me.  Anyway, the relaxation element consisted of me guiding people through a visualisation exercise which meant gently talking for a period of about twenty minutes. I was so nervous but not in a debilitating way. There was no question of my not doing it but I did want to get through  without making a complete hash of it so  I rehearsed for weeks.   The feedback I got was quite positive, most people seemed to enjoy it and I was told my voice was calm and soothing.  I think people nodded off which is a good thing as it was a relaxation session after all  (and I am ignoring the side of me that is shouting 'boring voice' in my head). 

KR, husband of PR, thinks I have a sexy telephone voice.  SHH agrees and thinks I should set up a telephone sex line.  She thinks I would be very good at it - because of my voice. 

Well, not being in the position to ignore any possible career options I gave this matter some thought.  The thought consisted of a brief rumination as to how on earth this sort of business could be set up (there is a  shortage of telephone boxes for depositing  'business' cards in these days, let alone how do you get paid for it) and a sort of practise run.  The practise run took place in SHH's office.   Much hilarity prevailed as my various attempts to get past breathily saying 'hello big boy' resulted in both of us  dissolving into hysterical laughter. 

Not a viable future career option there  then.

Also when I shyly but proudly mentioned 'the voice' to other friends I was greeted with looks of barely disguised incredulity.  So, not everyone finds my dulcet tones alluring it would seem.

Ah well, there must be something out there I can do.......

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