Sunday, 24 April 2011

Domestic Goddess in Training - Bread 2

If you watched Panorama the other evening you will have come away with the impression, like I did, that those of us unfortunately out of work and over fifty haven't much of a chance of getting back into employment.  So after much  thought (and not a little worry and panic)  I have decided, apart from never watching Panorama again and to avoid statistics,  I would really  like to become a domestic goddess or rather, I think it's my best bet at the moment.  After all people have to eat and I doubt very much whether they care if you are 20, 30, 50 or 70 as long as you feed them and can cook - ah there's the rub with this particular idea, I knew there would be one, I think I may have a lot of practising ahead of me.

So, having just put another loaf in the oven and since there is nothing on television again (I am eagerly awaiting the return of Timothy Olyphant to my television screen next week - please don't let him clash with NCIS) I thought I would update you with my progress towards domestic goddessdom and thus a lucrative career.

Since I informed you of my first attempt at making yeast free bread (you may recall the loaf with the appendage?) the one currently in my oven at 200 degrees is  my 6th  attempt and I have to say I am waiting the outcome with interest.

The reason for this being when the second loaf came out of the oven it had on top of  it  a protruding piece of dough that looked not unlike the missile launchers the baddies would point at Thunderbird 2 (the big green one) from the top of a truck as they sped along the road in an attempt to create mayhem in the world of puppetdom.  Loaves 3 and 4 went into the oven together, in separate tins with a gap between them, but somehow the dough in each tin reached out to the other and formed together.  They came out of the oven clutching each other  the length of the tins as though they were conjoined twins.  It was strangely disconcerting.  I felt quite brutal breaking them apart in order  to get them out.  (It was a feeling a on a par with the time I had to saw the branches of my christmas tree off with a bread knife so that I could get it out of the door - a long and traumatic story).  Loaf 5 went in alone as I couldn't go through the 2 loaves episode again and when it came out a small portion of dough was in the process of climbing out of the corner of the tin in an attempt to escape - imagine Morph and you will have the picture.  And I didn't have the presence of mind to take photo's of any of these!!! 

However, apart from the first loaf which, while it could be said to be interesting to look at, was inedible, all the others have tasted nice.  This is not just the claim of a deluded Domestic Goddess wannabe. Other people have tried my bread on separate occasions and pronounced it 'not bad' (AJ) 'very nice' (JH) and 'very nice indeed' (CCV).  I didn't force them to try it.  There was no coercion involved.  I put some slices on a plate with a choice of other 'non-me' breads and bagels.  I merely pointed out that I had made those particular slices.  'Those ones there, but please don't feel you have to try it, I will quite understand if you don't' is what I said, so they were under no pressure at all to sample my cooking.  I felt quite chuffed when they said, of their own free will, that my bread was 'tasty'.  That means nice, right?

Have just taken from the oven  this almost perfectly formed loaf

Ok it's a bit bobbly on top but all these ingredients have gone into it.

there is an awful lot of fibre in that there loaf. 

As you will see,  there are  no bits of dough trying to make some sort of statement.  Oddly I feel rather disappointed, bit of an anti-climax really. I have no idea what I did 'right' as I never knew what it was I did 'wrong'. 

 Yum.  Things are looking up.

Next I shall try white yeasted bread, sandwiches for the making of.  Afternoon tea patrons - here I come.

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