Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Project Spectrum - June

June was green

But, because I had so much trouble with my computer and actually didn't have access to it for most of June, I never posted anything on the website.  I did however dabble in the greenness of life and thought I would share with you some of my greenery (I am quite nice like that............)

I started June off with the good intention of being as creative as I could be.  I wanted to try all sorts of things and so I started with card making - one for Fathers Day and one for MG because she likes to get things through the post

I don't know if it's noticeable but I used different materials for the leaves.  It made me feel artistic.

Unfortunately, that was it.  June was a little fraught for a variety of reasons and so I took to my camera and MO's back garden for most of the rest of my attempts to be creative.

Creatively titled 'Little Green Apples' for those of you of an age to remember the song.  This photo makes me feel a little younger - if I sing the song while looking at it..... go on give it a go 'God didn't make little green apples and it don't rain in Indianapolis in the summer time'

I love the contrast of the colours and the fact that MO and JT really do have a white picket fence and it is lovely.  This photo feels like summer.

I seem to be fond of ivy.  This photo feels like there are secrets waiting to be discovered.  It just does.

This is me trying to be artistic (again) with an 'arrangement' in shades of green.  This feels pretentious - but I did it anyway.

For my birthday LC and I took a short trip to Whitstable Harbour which is one of my favourite places to go.  I saw these nets and being a change from MO's garden I took a photo of them.  This photo feels happy and carefree.

And so to the food.  I have to have food. It's my thing.  Green food.  Hmmm.  Summer before last, which was when I started making chutney as therapy, I made some green grape chutney which is not only delicious but  also a very pretty green colour so I decided to open my last jar and take a photo before consuming.  The jar however had other ideas.  I have tried everything I can think of but I can't get the lid off this jar here

The contraption to the side is a jar opener given to me for Christmas many, many years ago by my then and now ex sister-in-law because 'you don't have a man to open jars for you'.  Blunt and tactless but you knew where you stood with S.  I liked her.  Anyway even the man stand in can't get the lid off.  This photo feels frustrating.  Well the contents will keep for another year so I had better set about finding me a man within the next 12 months!!!

July is blue.  I'm a bit concerned about that one.

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  1. Fab green things. I haven't done mine yet either! :)