Wednesday, 29 June 2011

I never thought I would be saying this...

but, I missed my computer!!!

I haven't had access to my computer for a couple of weeks and I really, really, really missed it.  

I felt quite cut off not being able to email, do internet searches, look at the blogs on my blog list like Cooking with feeling, Daydream about food and Joy the baker, post my Project Spectrum for June  and write my own blog.

It was also so very frustrating not knowing what was wrong with it let alone being able to fix it. 

Before this little episode I was quite pleased with myself for how far I had come with regard to the technology challenged bit.  And, actually, I should still be quite proud of myself because I can do an awful lot more than I could a year ago. 

Mrs Pao sorted out the computer for me and I don't feel bad about that because she has a degree in the computery stuff and I don't - and it's also part of her business.  She is also very good at explaining and I think I understand what happened and between us we got the dongle open which was no easy feat.  Very clever is Mrs Pao.  I would recommend her for all things of a computery nature.

So, positive things - I am still  better than I used to be and hope to improve even  more, I wasn't frightened by what Mrs Pao was showing me and I even understood some of it  and - I know the right people to ask when things go wrong.  Also I make a nice feta salad and chocolate cake to say thank you for all help received.

My Dad missed me not being able to sort out his telephone bills online for him but I missed not being able to write my blogs most of all.

But now I'm back!!!!

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  1. Hurray!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    PS stuffing said chocolate cake at the mo with a cup of tea - mmmmmmmm