Thursday, 2 June 2011


A better day today. 

Still coughing, sneezing, wheezy and sleepless but better in myself. 

I had an appointment to go to this morning and afterwards, because it was such a lovely day, I went into town for  a while.

Tesco's were selling small boxes of Maltesers for Father's Day.  So I bought one. 

Then I came back and gave myself some therapy.

As my Dad doesn't like Maltesers I ate them, with my feet up on the sofa watching the Queen documentary I had recorded  last night - Queen the band not Queen Her Maj that is  'Queen the Days of our lives' followed by Timothy Olyphant in Justified.  I had a lovely time.  A bit sad when Freddie Mercury died but apart from that a very therapeutic couple of hours.  Almost as good as retail therapy.

I had intended to go for a walk and take pictures today but I forgot my camera so here are some I took last month in an attempt to improve my photography.  For LP who wanted more photos.

I just love Magnolia trees and am lucky enough to have quite a few around me.  I liked the shape of this one. 

I then followed the path along an alleyway and saw this

A post bike.  No sign of the postie.  What  a funny place to leave a post bike, thought I, as though abandoned, in a long, long alley.  There were a few houses the other side of the wall but with their back gardens against the wall with no access that I could see.  It was gone when I came back.  Hopefully collected by it's postie. 

Ok so I'm not in any way condoning graffiti - but - it was a bit dark in places along the alley and this was quite a nice splash of colour.  I like colour.  I don't much like graffiti though.  I just liked an aspect of this one.  But I am not condoning it.  OK. 

This is an attempt to be 'artisitc'.  It is an abandoned building (a lot of abandonment going on in this alley) no roof, no glass, no window panes just holes against the sky through which new green growth can be seen.  I'm not entirely sure it has worked.  This might be the zenith of my artistic aspirations but I expect I will keep on trying to be the new David Bailey for a while longer. 

Magnolia blossoms. 

The next two photos are from the little park I like to go and sit in sometimes

When I learn how to crop photos I will take the top of this one off because I think it will have a better effect.

And that is the end of today's photographic experience.

I miss film.  I miss having photographs to hold in my hands.  But I have more space because there are no albums and boxes taking up space.

Off for more therapy now.  NCIS - I'm so cultured!!

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