Friday, 29 July 2011

Project Spectrum - July

July was blue.  Which was a bit challenging because the only blue I could think of was the sky and there are already the most spectacular blue skies on the web site and I couldn't think of any blue food.  There are blueberries but I believe, technically, they are purple.  I could have made blue icing to put on a cake  but blue food doesn't really appeal.  Also blue is not very high on my list of favourite colours.   Having said that I do seem to have a lot of blue jewellery

I made this card for MG as she is interested in the colours for the months.  Not sure if she is going to actually  do anything with the colours though because when I asked her if she was going to make something she replied 'Um, might do' - she is a very busy 8 year old.

And then it's back to the trusty camera to discover the blue bits of life out and about

Saw this boat in Whitstable harbour looking rather blue as it doesn't look like it will be going anywhere soon....

I liked this as it brings together all the colours of the past 3 months. Red/orange, green and blue.

I looked after a stall for Mrs Pao at the Whitstable Oyster Festival  and on one of the other stalls were these gorgeous corsets. They are made by racheljanecrighton and are so beautifully made - and she takes commissions.

Pretty blue flowers from The Secret Garden in Sandwich, no idea what they are called though

These funny prickly things have got blue stems!!

I did try to leave blue sky out of this  but I looked up and decided to try and be artistic again.  Blue sky as seen through the roof of a pagoda in the middle of the gardens. 

Back at MO's garden.  Blue plant pots.  Such a place of discovery, that garden.  I wonder if I will be able to find all the colours there?

Then I spotted a big blue tent being erected in a car park

I saw these berries while out walking.  I don't know what they are but they definitely look blue to me

One of my favourite places to go and watch the world go by (or rather - come in).  See the sailor in the  blue jumper just behind - clever huh!!

My favourite place to go when I feel blue and am in need of good food

Well, I found more blue in the world than I thought I would which is one of the reasons I like Project Spectrum.  It encourages observation and creativity.  Nice.

And so to August which is pink!!!

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