Monday, 10 January 2011

Well I've done it now........

The only new years resolution I made was not to make any new years resolutions - and I've broken it already!!!  This is all the fault of Crazy Aunt Purl who's blog I read not 15 minutes ago and because she was going to do brave things it inspired me to do  something brave and so I did.  I posted my first blog.

Now this may not seem a brave thing to you but to me it is quite momentous because I started writing the blogs end of November/beginning of December last year and the confidence crisis that has been crippling me over the last five years hit again and I just couldn't post them.  I love writing, I love using words and I love reading.  As  a child I was always reading, writing or drawing.  At school English was by far my best subject and I loved it along with art and history.  Maths made me cry.  Yet I have spent a life-time working in the world of finance where words were basically redundant and any creative use of those that were allowed was frowned upon.  Systems and procedures, facts and figures, statistics and policies governed my working life and were slowly destroying my soul.  I want to change.

Realising that in order to get what I want (words, creativity, a new life, a new me) I have to be brave.  I have to  overcome my fears (and they are legion) and most importantly I have to overcome my confidence issues relating to my ability to write and so I have  bravely posted my first blog.  I have written my second out of a sense of panic - and now feel the need to go and lie in a darkened room to recover. More may follow.................oh and I have to work out how to put the photos onto the blog, there seem to be too many wires to me - I did mention I'm not too good with technology didn't I...........................

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