Sunday, 30 January 2011

An achievement

Well I promised snow when I had worked out how to put photos on to the blog and so here is snow.  It is next doors garden from the last lot of snow we had.  Although I feel I have to be honest and confess this isn't all my own work.  Mrs Pao loaded the disc thingy that came with the digital camera onto my computer and today my friend TJ came round for tea and scones and I sort of persuaded him to show me how to get the photos from the  camera onto the computer (I did this by supplying chocolate swiss roll as well). It has then taken me over half an hour to figure out  how to get the photos from the file in which they are stored onto the blog - and I have done it.  In my new optimistic and positive frame of mind I have to say 'very proud of self'.  Of course I'm not entirely sure how I did it, and I don't know how to make the photo smaller or put it in a different place and I think it might have disappeared from the file it was originally in - which isn't exactly what I wanted to happen - but all things considered I think I can say I have a result.  I am optimistic that it will now be 'onwards and upwards'.  Goodness such a lot of optimism, and on a Sunday too!!!!

and here is a squirrel running down the side of the building opposite just to prove it wasn't a fluke my getting the photo onto blog - so now I really really can be very proud of self.  I didn't know squirrels could do that.

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