Sunday, 18 December 2011

in the interests of optimism

Sometime in October, about the middle of the  third week I think, I had a very strange  feeling.  I felt I wasn't going to like November.  It was quite a strong feeling and the desire to go to bed and stay there for the duration came upon me fiercely.  Although not very practical to do so, I do wish I had gone with my desire. 

At the end of October I hurt my back to the extent of being incapacitated for over  a week.  I have no idea how it happened.  One moment I was walking across the room and the next I could barely move.  My back was still a bit fragile when I then had a problem with my hip.  Further incapacitation resulted.  Then I went for an interview for a job I didn't get which I was quite upset about.  Then my right hand became inflamed and very, very painful (and of course I am right handed) I couldn't even press the button on my camera let alone do any cooking.  There was another health issue which is best not to go into here.  There were a couple of other upsetting moments too.  All in all - I think it fair to say - I  didn't like November.

However, in the interests of optimism, for of course this is the person I am striving to be, November has gone.  Done.  It is now December.  Time to carry on.   Time to find my mojo again.

And although sadly my hand is not recovered,  I have had blood tests and am going for an x-ray next week, I have found learning to use my left hand more a lot easier than I thought it would be.  So in the interests of optimism I thought I would see what I could do in the way of my favourite occupations.  And, although I  need to get a left handed tin opener and chopping vegetables is challenging,  I can still make biscuits.

Last week I made Rum and Raisin Oaty Cookies (my take on a Rachel Allen recipe), Ginger and Honey Snaps and Chocolate and Coconut Bars.  Once I started I couldn't stop.  I was giving cookies away left, right and centre.  And  happily, thanks to giant pink painkillers, I can use my camera again although I'm afraid I forgot to photograph my frenzied  cookie sessions. But now I've found my mojo again I expect I will make more especially as I am going away for Christmas and need to take gifts with me.

I may have to change my name to Lady Cookie.

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