Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Project Spectrum - August

I didn't seem to get myself together for the August Project Spectrum.  The colours were  pink and purple and I started off alright.  I announced it to MG via the usual card

We then had a day out with her Mum, AJ, and DS, an overseas visitor, during which I asked MG if she would be doing anything for the August project spectrum to which she replied 'No because I don't like pink'.  She made this announcement wearing the pink dress and pink hairband she had dressed herself in that very morning and whilst she was drinking from this pink bottle

Oh to be eight again.

After that all I have to show are a few  flowers I took photos of as I was passing them and none of which made it to the Project Spectrum website.

 Oh and a pink teepee from The Secret Garden - don't see many of these about do you

And that is it.  All of which is a bit strange as I am surrounded by pink.  Pink is the colour of healing and I  seem to have collected a lot of pink items over the last few years. Just recently though I  seem to be leaning towards yellow.  Yellow is the colour of hope.  And as luck would have it - September is yellow.  It is also MG's favourite colour so perhaps she may feel inclined to participate this time.

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